History of READING BETWEEN THE LINES (formerly BibleWorkbench)

History of READING BETWEEN THE LINES (formerly BibleWorkbench)

Seven people with varied backgrounds but with a common desire to create a new vital approach to the Bible came together in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina in 1979 and gave birth to what became the BibleWorkbench program. They were clergy and lay, counselors and preachers, but they all had common prior experience in Educational Center issued-oriented education.

A fresh and lively way of engaging scripture emerged from this meeting. Because of their experience in issue-oriented experiential education, they developed materials that were not a scripted curriculum but powerful resources for small groups.

A guiding principle from the start was pioneer Christian educator Charles Penniman's insight that "the student is the curriculum."  He believed any group discussion would be fashioned by each unique group rather than creeds and doctrine.

As the program has evolved, the value of our method for groups has proven itself also valuable as a resource for preaching. In a radical shift from traditional preaching, the preacher delivers the biblical text rather than his or her interpretation of the text, along with insight and questions that equip the listener to hear the story.

BibleWorkbench became READING BETWEEN THE LINES in 2015 with the publication of the first issue of our 23rd volume! We have a long and rich history and continue to honor it with a name that we believe better describes our resource and methodology. 

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