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Issue-centered Maieutic Education (Our Method) is a pedagogy that honors the inner pull between opposing needs or values. For example: “I want to let go and yet, at the same time, I want to hold on.” This simple statement captures a universal dynamic, one that all people will experience in their lives. Issue-centered education offers structure that embraces a “both/and” perspective rather than reducing the value and complexity of each alternative to an “either/or” posture. It leads one to the awareness of responsibility and possibility.

Can you live with the questions? Can you hold aloft two (or more) realities at once? Do you appreciate the paradox and humor of being a seeker, an unsettled one? 

The bridge between the individual’s experience and the wisdom of stories is built with questions. In the teaching tradition of Socrates and Jesus, our goal is to assist the birth of knowing, providing context and support, and posing questions that lead to an ever-deepening exploration of the issue.

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