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Reading Between The Lines

Reading Between The Lines

Reading Between The Lines (formerly BibleWorkbench) is a lectionary based life-centered biblical resource designed for small group education in church and home, for individual study, or as an aid to preachers. One of the texts from the Revised Common Lectionary is chosen each Sunday and developed into a weekly design. Each weekly design contains four elements:  


  • ENTERING THE STORY: A paragraph or two which "sets the stage" by providing brief contextual notes and historical background to help you locate the story in the flow of the larger Bible story. 

  • EXPLORING THE STORY: A series of open-ended questions inviting participants to enter deeply into the story's text, to make connections to the work around them, and to their own inner lives. The weekly design may also include suggestions for an activity: drawing, mime, or movement to engage the non-verbal and creative parts of our being.

  •  BETWEEN THE LINES: Brief, evocative reflections or commentary from our contributors sometimes expanding on the weekly theme, or suggesting other themes and patterns found in the text.


  • EXPLORING FURTHER: Brief readings of poetry and prose, timely excerpts from newspapers, magazines or journals, illuminating quotes, historical background, and links to art, music and video presented to help you dig deeper and explore the story further. Sometimes consoling, sometimes challenging, but always enriching your experience with the weekly text. 


Each issue also contains OPENING LINES (letter from our Editor), PARTING LINES (items for reflection and inspiration gathered from here and there), a bibiliography/credits of resources, and an additional feature on some aspect of reading or living into the Bible: a sample sermon, a list of recommended readings, or an additional study design.

To download a sample week of READING BETWEEN THE LINES: click here


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Reading Between The Lines Subscriptions

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