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  • Reading Between the Lines of the European Reformation
500 Years of Reform: A fervor for reformation had been stirring with ebbs and flows for centuries that would see the crumbling of the structures of the Medieval Church. Within the 16th Century all regions of Christian Western Europe were seized with this upheaval which was as much political as theological.

RBTL of the European Reformation is an opportunity to look at some of the original documents of key leaders of the movement and to explore the events that propelled this period of dramatic realignment. RBTL of the European Reformation is structured to invite participants to enter the story at the time each statement was made, and to consider the impact on ordinary people whose whole worldview was experiencing an earthquake-like shift. In addition to examining the historical implications of the reformation, each session’s questions allow participants to consider where this story is unfolding in the world today, and to identify what the implications may be. Finally, the materials invite the participants to look within themselves to see where the story lives in their own lives.

Reading Between The Lines (RBTL) of the European Reformation is a four-session bible study utilizing the Maieutic (Midwife) method of The Educational Center. Each session can be explored in a 90 minute to two hour time frame.

The Lead Up:
Cracks in the Old Church
Reform: The Dawn of a New Era
The Swiss Connection
The Genevan Reformation


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Reading Between the Lines of the European Reformation

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