READING BETWEEN THE LINES (formerly BibleWorkbench) is a lectionary-based bible study for individuals and small groups. It is also used by preachers for sermon preparation.
READING BETWEEN THE LINES follows the 52-week lectionary and can be ordered by single issue, by subscription for 6 months, or for the full year (order here).

READING BETWEEN THE LINES was renamed from BibleWorkbench Advent 2015.

What People are Saying ~ The Experts

For both clergy and laity, BibleWorkbench is, in my judgment, the single most important resource for engaging and internalizing the lectionary readings for each Sunday of the year. It is of great value for clergy preparing sermons and for adult study groups undertaking a serious and life-changing encounter with the Bible.

Marcus Borg - Lecturer, Historical Jesus Scholar and Author of Evolution of the Word, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, and The Heart of Christianity

Anyone searching for wisdom in education would do well to investigate the programs generated by The Educational Center. They integrate a deep understanding of the teaching process and a knowledge of the depth of human personality.

Morton Kelsey - Episcopal Priest, Educator, Author of Healing and Christianity, and The Other Side of Silence

The BibleWorkbench is not only a way of reading the Bible but also a way of letting the Bible read us. In this approach we experience a live encounter between the stories told in scripture and the stories of our own lives.

Parker Palmer – Lecturer, Educator and Author of Let Your Life Speak, and Healing the Heart of Democracy


What People are Saying ~ READING BETWEEN THE LINES (formerly BibleWorkbench) Subscribers

BibleWorkbench uses my brain and lets me draw my own conclusions.

— Presbyterian group member - Fayetteville, NC

For me BibleWorkbench is a dance of the head, the heart, and the spirit.

— Lutheran minister and group leader - St. Paul, MN

BibleWorkbench is “think outside the box” orthodoxy.

— UCC Minister, Group Study, Sermon Prep - Overland Park, Kansas

BibleWorkbench allows us to stretch our questions and understanding in an open and trusting environment.

— Group participant, non-denominational retirement community - Jacksonville, Florida

It offers the opportunity to reflect deeply on the text in imaginative and daring ways.

— Episcopal Group Participant - Darien, CT

It is the best resource I know in linking the sacred text of the Old and New Testament to the reality of my life.

— Baptist Group Participant - Charlotte, NC

Our diverse group includes a number self-described Protestant varieties, Catholics, Pagans, agnostics and even an atheist and we always have an interesting and lively discussion thanks to your thought provoking materials.

— Group participant - Providence, Rhode Island

There would be a huge hole in my life if I didn’t have BibleWorkbench. Both the material and the group are nourishing for my soul and brain.

— Unitarian Universalist Minister and group participant - Van Nuys, CA

As the learner, I LOVE being invited into the story, to think and consider.

— Methodist, self-study - Austin, TX

A BibleWorkbench subscription makes a terrific gift!

— Non-denominational sub-scriber - Shaker Heights, Ohio

I am a religious progressive. Our group loves the contemporary scholarship that connects the stories in the Bible with the stories in our world today. Ours has become a very close-knit group.

— UCC group member - Colorado Springs, Colorado

I have been a part of a group for 15 years. Each week BibleWorkbench is vital and vibrant. This is too good a secret!

— Episcopal group member - Shreveport, LA

Participation in my BibleWorkbench group provides guaranteed spiritual stimulation and over time has altered for the better my approach to challenges and problems.

— Episcopal group member - Silver Spring, MD

The scholarship is excellent. I learn something new every week. The parallel readings are sensational.

— Baptist group member - Louisville, KY

My book club only makes book selections from the annual BibleWorkbench bibliography!

— Catholic group leader - Honolulu, Hawaii