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 TeenTextMiddleSchool ADVENT LUKE STUDY
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      Lectionary Selection Luke 1:39-56 (NRSV) Luke 2:1-12(NRSV) Luke 2: 8-20 (NRSV) Luke 2:39-40 (NRSV)
    Courtney Young Hickman – EDITOR of TeenText MIDDLE SCHOOL and TeenText HIGH SCHOOL is Director of Youth Ministries at Grace United Methodist Church in Wilmington, North Carolina. Courtney is a graduate of Wake Forest University Divinity School (MDiv). She welcomes your thoughts and comments at:
This year's Advent curriculum breaks the TeenText mold just slightly. We've moved away from the lectionary selections that are a part of our December curriculum to focus on the birth narrative from Luke's gospel. Through this narrative we explore the major themes of Advent and the ways in which Christ's birth brings us a new understanding of these themes. Throughout the study, the film, A Charlie Brown Christmas, is used to illustrate these themes. Our hope is that these resources, along with the text and questions, will help teens see the Advent season with new eyes.
Each monthly issue of TeenText is filled with background about the weekly scriptures, a series of provocative questions that encourage the youth to respond and share, activities centered around the text, and supplemental media which digs deeper into the story by exploring other dimensions through the use of song lyrics, poetry, visual art, and movie clips. For more information contact: or visit:

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