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A Charlie Brown Christmas:
In the following clips from A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie is frustrated with the over- commercialization of the Christmas season. In the first clip, from the intro to the film, Charlie wonders why he is without the joy he is supposed to feel this time of year. In the second, he seeks help for his ailment. Watch the clips and consider: Why is Charlie not experiencing joy during the Christmas season? What does he say should be making him happy? What does the joy of those around him seem to be focused on? Is this the joy Mary seems to have? How have experienced this in your own life and experience of the Christmas season?
Watch the intro clip here: Watch the second clip here:
The hymn Joy to the World is sung in churches nearly every season of Advent. It has been covered by countless artists and even gets mainstream radio play during the holiday season. But, like many things heard time and time again, sometimes we don’t really know what we are singing. Read the lyrics and listen to this hymn with this ‘new joy’ that Christ brings in mind. Is that what is celebrated in this songs? A joy so extreme that even nature celebrates!
Read the lyrics here:
Listen to a performance by the renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir here:
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