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Compare your charts with others.
How difficult or easy does this seem when you look at it practically?
Below is a video about resolving conflict produced by a company that does business coaching and training. Watch the video and answer the following questions: How does the video describe people’s reactions to conflict? Which do you identify with as your own reaction? How does it define conflict?
How does this compare to what Jesus is addressing in ‘sin’? Do you find these instructions helpful? Why or why not?
Watch the video here:
The clip below, from the popular 90’s movie Mean Girls, (LANGUAGE WARNING) a group of high school girls gather information about their classmates and share it with the whole school. Watch the clip and answer the following: How do they share the information with a large group of people? Is it shared anonymously? Is the gossip based on reality? Do people believe it, regardless? What is the result of this action?
Would it be easy to spread this kind of information (or misinformation) today? How do Jesus’ instructions speak to this kind of behavior?
Watch the clip here:
The stories we learn from the Bible are not only helpful to us at church, but they also can help us live our lives each day. Consider the following question to see how this week’s text might be challenging them to live differently as they go about their normal routines (school/sports/social events).
As you look around this week at the communities of which you are a part, where do you see the most conflict? Where do you see the most hurt? How can you be a leader towards resolution in these places?
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