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the ones that help participants connect their story with God’s story each week—are often those that are based on your personal knowledge of the participants and where they are. Listen carefully to their responses; ask follow-up questions that help them reflect on the text and their lives, right now, right where they are.
(What’s happening in the story?)
1. Who is the speaker here? What is he speaking about?
2. How do you understand the phrase “The word that Isaiah son of Amoz saw”? What does
it mean to see a word?
3. What is happening in Isaiah’s vision?
4. Are the advent themes evident in this passage? Where is there love, hope, peace, and joy
in Isaiah’s vision?
(What connections can you make between the story and the world around you?)
1. Activity: There is a lot of imagery here. Have half of your group work together to draw a picture of what they imagine Isaiah is describing. Have the other half draw a picture depicting our current world and the world’s relationship with God. Compare the two. What stands out the most? How distant is our reality from Isaiah’s vision? Where are the advent themes present in this vision?
2. How does your religious tradition understand holy space?
3. Isaiah speaks about peace between nations. What does he say about war? What does it
mean to learn war? What does it mean for war to be something we are taught?
4. Are we or are we not teaching war to future generations?
(Be open to discovering how this story is happening in your own life.)
1. Are there places in the world where you see glimpses of Isaiah’s vision in reality? If so, describe them.
2. What is your vision of hope, joy, love, and peace for the world?
3. How are you working to make that vision a reality?
4. Of the Advent themes (hope, joy, love, and peace), what do you feel is missing the most
in our world?
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Advent is a season rich in sensory experiences. The sights, smells and sounds of the Christmas season surround us. Music is one of the best ways to explore our story through so for this issue of TeenText we have provided musical and artistic selections for the five weeks of Advent. Enjoy!
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