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What does “hope” look like? Where do you find it in your life?
In this move clip from Elizabeth the Golden Age, Sir Walter Raleigh (played by Clive Owen) describes what hope feels like to him. What does hope feel like to you? Is it anything like what Raleigh describes?
Advent Themes in Music:
“Alleluia” from Handel’s Messiah as sung by the Royal Choral Society
Justin Timberlake sings a different version “Hallelujah” :
One of our favorites is Imagine by John Lennon:
The stories we learn from the Bible are not only helpful to us at church, but they also can help us live our lives each day. Consider the following question to see how this week’s text might be challenging them to live differently as they go about their normal routines (school / sports / social events):
A large part of Isaiah’s vision is about peace. Where do you see a need for peace in your community? In your world? How can you be an advocate for peace?
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