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3. How does Moses respond to the voice coming from the bush? What does the voice tell him to do? Why?
4. How does God speak about God’s own identity? How does God identify to Moses? What is Moses’ reaction to this?
5. How does God describe the situation the Israelites are in? What do God promise to do for the Israelites? What role is Moses to play in God’s plan?
6. How does Moses react to God’s call to lead the Israelites? What promise does God make to Moses?
7. How does God say God should be identified? How does this compare to what he says when he first greets Moses?
(What connections can you make between the story and the world around you?)
1. What causes God to act on behalf of the Israelites? Where do you see similar injustices in our world?
2. Where, throughout history, have you seen people, like Moses, leading the charge against such oppression? Where do you see these people today?
3. How does this text speak to those situations? Are God’s promises just to Moses and his ancestors? Why or why not?
4. For the Israelites, their faith in God and their identity as God’s chosen people was passed down from generation to generation. Is that still how religious faith works? Is this more true in some parts of the world that others? Why or why not?
(Be open to discovering how this story is happening in your own life.)
1. Moses is, understandably, afraid to face Pharaoh. Have you ever been afraid to follow God’s call? When have you felt God’s promise to Moses to be true in your own life?
2. What does God have to do to get Moses’ attention? Do you ever feel like you could use a burning bush to make you stop and listen? Have you ever had something that made you react like Moses did?
3. How have you experienced God speaking? Does it always happen in ways that are so dramatic?
4. How did this encounter change Moses? How does the person who entered the wilderness emerge differently on the other side? How have you been changed by your own experiences in the wilderness?
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ENGAGE—How do the experiences we have change the way we view and understand God? Explore this with the following activity. Give each student a few minutes to write down three things they used to think or believe about God or the world that the no longer hold true. For
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