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We are an inclusive community of spiritual seekers, thinkers, educators and artists who create resources and opportunities to explore the mystery and wisdom in sacred and archetypal stories. We exist to support and serve spiritual growth in children, youth and adults and in the communities around us, believing that personal transformation can engender global transformation as we seek to embody the community of God.
Stories have the power to ignite the imagination and to evoke symbols that teach us something about who we are. That’s why our philosophy of spiritual education is grounded in story. Stories - the Bible, the Gnostic gospels, the mythologies of culture, the poetry of Rumi, the works of Shakespeare, the films of Spielberg, the paintings of Chagall - whether derived from religious or literary texts, the media culture, or the narratives of our own lives, can awaken universal patterns that can enliven and inform our choices. We acknowledge that powerful stories often create tensions that make us uncomfortable, but it is out of that tension that vital questions arise: Who am I? Who are you? How are we connected? Why are we here? What waits for us around the corner? The resources and opportunities we create provide a context for conscious involvement in the never-ending search for meaning in our lives.
Every Journey Begins With a Story!
The Characters of Christmas

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