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Option 1:
How To Use This Resource Suggestions
Print out the pages and use as a written resource.
You can access the art work through the link and save to a disk or to your computer. You can then send the image to a good color printer (or to a professional copy service) and make excellent, beautiful handouts.
Option 2:
You can connect your computer to an LCD projector and go into the resource, click on the links and watch / listen / look at the additional materials as a group.
This is a five-part resource, but there is easily enough material in each part to stretch over 2-3 sessions. In fact, the material in each part is substantive enough to use in a retreat setting where your group can spend more time with the questions, and possibly watch the films in their entirety.
If you are using The Characters of Christmas as a 5-part study, feel free to condense the questions, using only those you feel will connect best with your group. There is no way you could use all the questions provided in an hour-long session, so select the ones you will use ahead of time.
When two or more film clips, musical pieces, or art images are provided in one session, again choose ahead which ones you will use and explore the other offerings at another time or in another setting.
The links provided at the time of publication were all working links. If a link is broken, you may wish to enter a query into Google and you will find similar results.
If you are interested in developing this material into a retreat or workshop, contact our office:
The Characters of Christmas

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