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The Educational Center Method
Our Method ~ Maieutic Teaching
A leader/teacher in the maieutic learning circle is there to serve, in a Socratic sense, as a “midwife” for others on their journey. The process is called maieutic from the Greek, referring to one who assists and supports the birth of the new child. The Maieutic leader/teacher facilitates and aids the students and is a guide through the story, in a disciplined manner, through the posing of questions.
The leader resists the standard, accustomed discussion of the meaning of the story and is responsible for gearing down the story in order to see it in slow motion. An essential aspect of this is for the circle to become aware of what the story says and what it does not say. The slow movement enables each person to “know” the story in an objective way. It discourages using the text as a discussion starter.
An important aspect of the maieutic process is the use of “right brain work”. At some point during the work with the text it is important to look at the text out of the corner of our eye.
We arrive at what Clarrisa Pincola Estes calls a “deeply creative” part of ourselves through writing, painting, drawing, using clay, mime or dance. We relate to the story in deep new ways through these creative acts. It takes skill to present these activities. There is most often anxiety in both the leader and the group in this movement into the creative and imaginal.
As we work with the maieutic process, the effect can be to keep the circle a little off balance. We need to lovingly help each other move more deeply into our own truth. Our relationship with one another and the trust that is built is crucial to our ability to move towards wholeness through story.
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