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On the Authentic Life
Five Films that Explore the Journey Toward Wholeness
The work we do at The Educational Center is designed to put participants in dialogue with stories that may help them identify patterns, paths, and possibilities in their own life stories. We all share a need to belong, to feel at home, to feel that our lives make sense in some way. And, to be sure, we all have experienced times of disconnect, homesickness, and futility. We all want to be who we really are, to be accepted for who we really are, and to have the courage to step out from behind our masks, put away the costumes and scripts, and live an authentic and truthful life.
But at what cost? What might we lose in living what Parker Palmer calls the “undivided life”? What might we gain?
These questions are the basis of this five-part film series. In each film there are characters who are conflicted about who they are, or who they want to be, or maybe even who they used to be. Each of these characters struggles to find a core identity; each one is on a pilgrimage toward some place or some way of being or some community that feels like home. Participating in their stories, might we experience the pain and promise of birthing something new and transformational in ourselves? It is hoped that in watching these movies in community with others, and in engaging the accompanying questions, you will uncover some new and beautiful truths about the real, authentic you.
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