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This resource arose out of a film series that we held at The Educational Center. We gathered on Friday evening, watched the movie together, and then enjoyed about an hour’s discussion using the questions included here. So it is well- suited to use in a small group setting. It is also suitable for individual use. Several who could not attend the Movie Night borrowed the movie from the Center and used the questions for journaling. This works well too.
The five featured films are:
Imitation of Life
Far From Heaven Transamerica
Batman Begins
The Secret Life of Bees
Each session includes engaging questions patterned on our distinctive maieutic teaching model and intended to see how each of these stories is happening in the world around us and in the world within us.
Also in each session: a movie review, helpful cultural context, links to other art forms that explore the same theme, and more!
The opening pages explain our pedagogy and include how-to helps on hosting a film series and keeping things legal. A great handbook, a great film guide, and a resource that could be used in a variety of settings for older youth through adults.
The following pages contain an excerpt from The Secret Life of Bees
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